SRS Suspension Systems

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We provide rebuild services, revalving services as well as custom works style suspension systems. From the weekend warrior to the avid racer/ rider we deliver top quality suspension services for an affordable price. We use only OEM components and quality oils to provide a top quality suspension service. 


All components are completely disassembled cleaned in component friendly solvent and thoroughly inspected for wear and damage. If something is discovered the customer is then contacted and we will discuss options and pricing before anything is done to the suspension. I will then get approval for any and all repairs needing done. All replacement parts provided are brand specific OEM parts and all oils used are top quality oils that we have tested and chosen as a stand out product for quality and wear resistance.

Fork Rebuild: $175.00 (includes seals and oil) *Wear parts additional, if needed.
Shock Rebuild: $125.00  *Wear parts additional, if needed.
Fork Revalve: $75.00
Shock Revalve: $75.00
Suspension Removal/ Install: $50.00 per end
Weekend Trackside Tune: $20.00 to set sag and clicker on your bike per rider skill level and track conditions as well as a visual inspection of related components
Anodizing We offer all kinds of different anodizing from hard coating for shock bodies and fork tubes to anodizing various parts for suspension components. Call for pricing.

* Works parts available upon request *

Trackside testing and tuning is available, please call for current pricing.


FREE 23 ½ hour phone service and advice: Call anytime you need advice I would be glad to help set your bike up over the phone and answer any questions you may have while you are at home or at the track trying to get dialed in.